Elastacote Premium Membrane

Elastacote Membranes are a water based 100% acrylic coating ideal for use in extreme weather conditions typical in the southern hemisphere. The technology used in the manufacture of Elastacote makes it adaptable in extremes of heat and cold. Elastacote exterior membrane is durable enough to resist Australian summer storms, as well as being resilient in the snap freezes experienced in the southern states and New Zealand.

The membrane durability protects domestic and commercial surfaces from the seasons, year after year. The exterior membrane coating has been proven to meet the Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 4858 and AS 4654) for coatings of this kind. In addition, even after extreme weather testing, Elastacote continues to perform.

Elastacote Membrane is recommended and used as a protective coating that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed to the following properly prepared and sealed weathered surfaces:

  • Concrete and Terracotta* Roof Tiles
  • Metal Roof Surfaces, including Colorbond
  • Concrete Tilt Slab Buildings
  • Fibro Cement Sheeting
  • Cement Rendered Surfaces
  • Brick and Block Construction

It provides a durable colourfast coating system that significantly reduces dirt accumulation, pollution and chemical attack through its self cross-linking technology.

*Elastacote Membranes are only suitable on high glaze terracotta tiles when Primecote Terracotta is applied prior to application.

Technical Data Sheets – Downloads

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Excellent product dealt with Cameron was great help.
Tony Tannous
Tony Tannous
23:58 16 Apr 24
Great products & great range! Can't recomend these guys highly enough!
Grant Betts
Grant Betts
23:51 31 Jan 24
I had a very positive experience with Globalcote. Customer service is amazing. Great paint. Was easy to apply to my roof and made 30 year old tiles appear new again. I would highly recommend.
M Cooper
M Cooper
14:30 01 Aug 23
My roof painter recommended the Globalcote roof membrane for a top quality finish with long lasting durability.I was served by Rebecca and she provided nothing short of excellent service.Top quality products and excellent serviceThank you. I highly recommend this business
Coffee Superstar
Coffee Superstar
03:45 25 Jun 20
Highly impressed. This is an excellent product. We had our roof painted 3 years ago and it has definitely helped keep the house much cooler and it is still looking great. We are having our next house painted shortly. Recommended A++.
Don C
Don C
11:31 06 Jun 20
Highly recommended... This reputable company make in my opinion the best Roof Membrane products on the market; The Interior and Exterior house paint is also top notch... LOVE EM!!
Rick Hillhouse
Rick Hillhouse
03:41 06 Nov 19
Hey all! A little review on the Global Cote roof coating Van Pack $190 - I applied it to two vans a few weeks ago - using just the one pack (1 primer each van and 4 top coats each van) Looking really good and amazing heat resistance - I can place my hand on the inside metal during the day and it’s cold to touch!! The top of the side wall (which is currently bare aluminum) is actually warm/hot - early days but this stuff is awesome for the UV reflection/heat. 👌 (roof is a bit dusty from other work but looks great) Andy Goldsworthy Globalcote — in Gold Coast, Queensland.
Gregg Villiams
Gregg Villiams
22:36 12 Sep 19
Awesome Paint wouldn’t use anyone else for Roofing paint, Top quality product 🙌🙌🙌
Bart Hold
Bart Hold
09:55 13 Feb 19

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