Elastacote High Gloss Membrane is a water based 100% acrylic coating ideal for use in extreme weather conditions typical in the southern hemisphere. The technology used in the manufacture of the Elastacote Paint makes it adaptable in extremes of heat and cold. Elastacote exterior paint is durable enough to resist Australian summer storms, as well as being resilient in the snap freezes experienced in the southern states and New Zealand.

The paint durability protects domestic and commercial surfaces from the seasons, year after year. The exterior coating has been proven to meet the Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 4858 and AS 4654) for coatings of this kind. In addition, even after extreme weather testing, the Elastacote continues to perform.

Elastacote Membrane is recommended and used as a protective coating that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed to the following properly prepared and sealed weathered surfaces:

  • Concrete and Unglazed Terracotta Roof Tiles
  • Metal Roof Surfaces, including Colorbond
  • Concrete Tilt Slab Buildings
  • Fibro Cement Sheeting
  • Cement Rendered Surfaces
  • Brick and Block Construction

It provides a durable colourfast coating system that significantly reduces dirt accumulation, pollution and chemical attack through its self cross-linking technology. Elastacote Membrane is NOT recommended for high glaze terracotta tiles.

Globalcote Pty Ltd provides a material-only 10 Year Warranty on the Elastacote Membrane, that it will retain its film integrity and not peel, crack or suffer deterioration as a result of faulty manufacture or formulation of the coating system. A material-only warranty can be provided on product performance only when the surface or substrate is both prepared, coated and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided by Globalcote.

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