How is Infracote different to other exterior roof paints?

Infracote is specifically designed for use in hot climates. Globalcote Infracote reflective coating uses technology to reflect the suns radiation away from the roof. It reduces heat penetration and energy bills.

How is Elastacote different to other exterior roof paints?

Elastacote is suitable for locations that experience extremes of heat and cold. Elastacote coatings are durable enough to withstand Australian summer storms, as well as being resilient in the snap freezes experienced in the southern states.

Is water blasting my tile roof enough preparation?

All due care should be taken not to force water under your roof tiles possibly wetting the internal ceilings, there is also the chance of mould spores surviving the cleaning process. prepcote is a preventative surface treatment, which can be applied prior to primecote Sealer/primer, concentrating on the nose of the tile and crevice between the tiles, where mould spores could remain. prepcote inhibits the growth of moss, lichen, fungi and other organic material that occurs on various surfaces.

There are a lot of exterior coatings available in the marketplace to choose from, why should I use Globalcote?

Globalcote is wholly owned and manufactured here in Australia. Globalcote products meet Australian and New Zealand standards and are certified waterproof products. Our coatings are specifically designed with our unique climate in mind, and will withstand harsh environments.

How do I keep my new roof restoration clean?

Globalcote maintenance Wash is a non-abrasive cleaning agent recommended for use every 12 months to maintain your roof or any other coated surface.

Where can I buy Globalcote products?

Globalcote is available through our wide network of retail partners including selected Bristol, Paint Place, Paint Right, Taubmans Trade Centres, Mitre 10, Inspirations and Duralex stores.

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