• has been specifically designed to accurately meet the functional requirements of the Roof Restoration Industry through a high standard of performance and quality measures.
  • exhibits excellent elongation when tested throughout a range of ageing conditions and UV exposure as described in the AS/NZ 4858.2004 standards.
  • is tough, durable and highly flexible allowing it to withstand the elements of weathering.
  • self cross linking technology provides low dirt pickup and is self cleaning.
  • resists fungi and algae growth.
  • is vapour permeable allowing building structures to breath, reducing the accumulation of gasses and moisture vapour.
  • has low water absorption and in combination with it’s tough film properties reduces carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion, protecting building structures from corrosion.
  • has resistance to cyclic movement. It is able to withstand crack bridging of hair line, shrinking and stress cracks that may appear after the Globalcote application process has been completed. It also allows for thermal expansion and contraction of a building.
  • is suitable for use where harsh climatic changes are expected. Laboratory proven to show no signs of deterioration – remains flexible and crack free.
  • has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

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