Application Process

The surface preparation is the responsibility of the Builder, Renovator, Contractor or Applicator

It is recommended that the application process is carried out by a skilled applicator who is fully conversant with the Globalcote products and systems, to validate the material warranty conditions. It is also the responsibility of the applicator to ensure that the substrate is of an acceptable standard prior to the application of the coating system. The coating will only follow the contour of the substrate, therefore in certain light conditions imperfections may be evident. This issue is not product related.

Ensure removal of any previous coating that is blistered, loose or flaking using a high pressure cleaner. Ensure surface is dry prior to coating. If mould or mildew is evident, pre treat the surface with Primecote Surface Treatment and allow to dry prior to coating.

Do not apply if rain is imminent. Low temperatures or high humidity may effect curing times. Weather conditions must be considered and deemed suitable before proceeding with the application of Globalcote products.

Click here to access Technical Data Sheets for the application processes for each of our products

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