Roofing Supplies

Second Hand Roof Tiles

  • Large range of second hand roof tiles with most profiles available
  • Concrete Roof Tiles
  • Terracotta Roof Tiles
  • Barges, Apex, Ridge Caps

Roofing Accessories

  • Edmonds Whirlybirds and Skylights
  • Lead-Free Flashing – Dakaflash, Wakaflex and Smartform
  • Valley Clips
  • Valley Seal
  • Silt Socks
  • Strainer Socks (Skimmer Socks)
  • Tile Cutters
  • Trimming Tray
  • Gutter Protector
  • Ridge Covers
  • Weep Holers
  • Bucket Grips

Painting Equipment

  • Graco Spray Guns, Parts & Accessories
  • Wagner Spray Guns, Parts & Accessories
  • Bar Whirlaways
  • Uni-Pro Products – paint brushes, rollers, sandpaper, paint trays, putty, masking tape, drop sheets, extension poles, and much more
  • Bailey Ladders

Other Products & Accessories

  • Soudal Sealants
  • Diggers Methylated Spirits & Mineral Turpentine
  • Dymark Zinc Guard Silver Quick Dry Enamel Spray Cans


Excellent product dealt with Cameron was great help.
Tony Tannous
Tony Tannous
23:58 16 Apr 24
Great products & great range! Can't recomend these guys highly enough!
Grant Betts
Grant Betts
23:51 31 Jan 24
I had a very positive experience with Globalcote. Customer service is amazing. Great paint. Was easy to apply to my roof and made 30 year old tiles appear new again. I would highly recommend.
M Cooper
M Cooper
14:30 01 Aug 23
My roof painter recommended the Globalcote roof membrane for a top quality finish with long lasting durability.I was served by Rebecca and she provided nothing short of excellent service.Top quality products and excellent serviceThank you. I highly recommend this business
Coffee Superstar
Coffee Superstar
03:45 25 Jun 20
Highly impressed. This is an excellent product. We had our roof painted 3 years ago and it has definitely helped keep the house much cooler and it is still looking great. We are having our next house painted shortly. Recommended A++.
Don C
Don C
11:31 06 Jun 20
Highly recommended... This reputable company make in my opinion the best Roof Membrane products on the market; The Interior and Exterior house paint is also top notch... LOVE EM!!
Rick Hillhouse
Rick Hillhouse
03:41 06 Nov 19
Hey all! A little review on the Global Cote roof coating Van Pack $190 - I applied it to two vans a few weeks ago - using just the one pack (1 primer each van and 4 top coats each van) Looking really good and amazing heat resistance - I can place my hand on the inside metal during the day and it’s cold to touch!! The top of the side wall (which is currently bare aluminum) is actually warm/hot - early days but this stuff is awesome for the UV reflection/heat. 👌 (roof is a bit dusty from other work but looks great) Andy Goldsworthy Globalcote — in Gold Coast, Queensland.
Gregg Villiams
Gregg Villiams
22:36 12 Sep 19
Awesome Paint wouldn’t use anyone else for Roofing paint, Top quality product 🙌🙌🙌
Bart Hold
Bart Hold
09:55 13 Feb 19

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