Infracote paint uses technology to reflect the sun’s radiation away from the roof surface. It works by targeting the invisible infrared portion of the sun’s radiation which means coated surfaces stay cooler and last longer than a coating that absorbs it.

Touch a dark coloured roof of a car when it has been in the sun for a while and its quite hot. In fact, some dark coloured roofing surfaces can reach temperatures of over 90 degrees. Roof surfaces capture enormous amounts of the suns radiation due to their large surface area and angle of exposure. Given the effect dark roof colours have on interior house temperatures, as well as its energy efficiency, it is surprising then that dark colours make up more than 70% of the colours used in our suburbs.

To prevent the roof space heating up in the first place you need to reflect heat away from the roof surface. While white and light coloured roofs are the best choice for reflecting the suns heat, they are not always practical or in some cases, not allowed by council planning regulations.

Infracote Features + Benefits

  • Infrared Reflective Coating
  • Incorporating Nanotechnology
  • Australian Made & Owned
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Reflect Infrared Radiation
  • Reduce Heat Penetration
  • Reduce Cooling Costs
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect

Total Solar Reflectance (TSR)

An effective method to measure a coatings reflective capability is to measure its Total Solar Reflectance (TSR). TSR figures are values that express in numerical terms the total solar reflectance of a given surface and are usually expressed as a percentage (%). The higher the percentage, the more effective the coating is at reflecting the sun’s radiation. The Surface temperature of a coating can vary greatly when influenced by such things as cloud cover and wind.

Infracote incorporates nanotechnology so that the surface of the film cross-links around nano-particles to enhance the coatings dirt-shedding capabilities.

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