Premium finishes for pools, ponds, fountains and other aquatic facilities*

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Luxapool Coatings are available in two distinct chemical types – EPOXY and CHLORINATED RUBBER with each designed for different uses. View our Luxapool Pool Paint Colour Chart here.

LUXAPOOL EPOXY (2 PACK) is the premium choice for all new pool and aquatic facilities and can also be used to achieve a beautiful luxury finish in older pools. Luxapool Epoxy is suited to application over both old and new cement render, fibreglass, marblesheen, pebblecrete and sound existing epoxy finishes.

Luxapool Epoxy provides a smooth, hard surface which is simple to maintain. Luxapool Epoxy colours are formulated to the highest technical standards and feature a durable luxury finish with improved resistance to chalking, salt water and pool chlorination chemicals.  It is algae controlled and safe for use with fish and mammals after proper surface conditioning.

Try Luxapool’s Pool Paint Calculator to find out how much paint you need for your pool!

*Aquaculture, decorative fish ponds, wildlife sanctuary ponds and marine parks.

LUXAPOOL CHLORINATED RUBBER may only be used on old or new concrete pools and
existing chlorinated rubber finishes. It displays excellent adhesion, particularly over sound existing chlorinated rubber coated surfaces.

Luxapool Chlorinated Rubber is resistant to normal levels of swimming pool chemicals, both in salt water and chlorinated systems, and has a proven record of long service in both domestic and commercial pools.

Luxapool Chlorinated Rubber delivers fine sealing properties and a hard satin finish which is simple to maintain. It is algae controlled and can be easily re-coated when desired.

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