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Basalt Colorbond Roof

Basalt Colorbond Roofing

A Modern Solutions for Your Home Are you in search of the perfect roofing solution that combines both aesthetics and durability?Look no further! As home design trends continue to evolve, so too does the landscape of roofing options. One such trend quickly gaining momentum is Basalt Colorbond® roofing.  What is Basalt Colorbond Roofing?  Basalt Colorbond…

Monument Colorbond Roof

Monument Colorbond Roof

Monument Colorbond Roof – A Contemporary Trend in Home Exterior Design  Looking to add a dramatic, contemporary look to your house? Monument Colorbond roofing is an exciting trend in home exterior design. In this blog, we’ll discuss all you need to know about re-painting your roof with the equivalent Monument Colorbond colour using Globalcote products. …

light coloured roof

Light Coloured Roof: Benefits and Inspiration

If you want your home to emulate the laid-back Australian lifestyle, the first place to start could be with a pale exterior colour palette consisting of a light-coloured roof.   A lighter exterior colour scheme is not only easy on the eye, but it has other benefits – like helping to keep your property cool and…